Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lest we forget;

A war with a enemy who has such fearsome "weaponry" like Gaza; I.e. Boys with stones....
Can apparently only be won if retaliated with forbidden "White Phosphorus bombs"
- Here used on a school of displaced Palestinian kids... Read on; Window Into Palestine

Norwegian Doctor Mads Gilbert, one of only two foreign doctors inside of Gaza during the war on Gaza late December 2009

Just know, that "things" haven't any got better in the year since the Israeli invasion!
- Bombed out houses haven't been rebuild because of the Israeli embargo on building materials - the former occupants still living in tents! People are still starving- The Israeli won't let foreign charities into Gaza carrying food, blankets, toys and even two incubators for the neonatal unit, was denied entrance.... This on the grounds that; All this is used to make rockets and bombs used against Israel.... Israel has by building the great wall and time consuming, humiliating checkpoints, by not letting anything in - taken away the livelihoods of thousands and thousands of Palestinians - Letting a whole nation slowly wither and die away due to lack of medicine , food, work, education, etc. etc.... Gaza do not have something as simple as water neither for drinking, cooking nor farming - While settlers on seized Palestinian land are splashing away in their swimming pools and their plentiful orchards lack no water at all....

During the last invasion; Israel bombed and obliterated the Gaza University - and the future of Palestinian youth...... -I could go on and on, but I'll let these photos speak for themselves!

How much longer can - the world or you- let this go on????

Monday, July 6, 2009

YouTube - Child Witches - Nigeria
Watch an amazing video made and posted on FB by Sameh Brill: Zionists blood Zone: Gaza - The Hidden Truth Series #10
It's mainly about the "Spirit of Humanity" carrying medicine and toys, attacked by IDF and all aboard were incarcerated!
The whole story is on my main blog; The Emperors new Rags the II

But if you want to see some interesting interviews, great editing and how main media manipulates their coverage in accordance with the official Israeli viewpoint: